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  1. The moon is in Sagittarius today.
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Those born on this date need more time to process emotional content than others might need, due to their strong ties to the collective and emotions resurfacing from the unconscious world, sometimes making their relationships more difficult than it is obvious to other people. Where Neptune is found, so is purpose, one's talents, mission and the push of Divine Love in their life, always seen in lives of Scorpios born on November 9th.

On the other hand, there is something invisible here that might taint the image of Self, and make relationships too symbiotic or intertwined, for it becomes hard to hold on to personal emotional boundaries with a constant unifying notion that we are all connected into one. The second row in lives of these individuals comes down to the importance of personal space and boundaries, personal freedom, and the search for a way to interact with others so that no personality is pushed too far in any way. This symbol shows that the power of creation comes from one's spirit itself, and separates their personal untainted contact with their own inner child, just as any other relationship in life, from influences of the outer world.

Feminine principles need nurturing so that magic can be found, and joyous touch of relating comes from clear, asexual bonds that leave room for everyone involved to take their rightful place. In search for a motherly view, Scorpios born on this date might have a task to release a lot of sadness or anger, depending on the difficulty of their unconscious pull of Moon's fall in Scorpio. They must avoid putting feelings in a drawer while trying to deal with "the real world".

The moon is in Sagittarius today.

With the main direction in lives of those born on November 9th found in the symbolism of the Moon, it is clear that their quest for inner peace comes with dealing with anything their heart and Soul carry in this lifetime. They will need methods to cleanse, cry out, shout and scream, or let out anger, resentment, or even hatred out of their system.

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Once they untie from beaten trails and start to follow and express their emotions however "unsuitable" they might be, they will find that there is nothing truly unsuitable about them to begin with. The ocean of emotions swirls in the inner world of those born on November 9th, often difficult to communicate or separate from influences of the outer world. This makes their relationships hazy in youth and while they might stumble upon an ideal partner while still in their teens, they will rarely grow in a similar pace.

Virgo Daily Horoscope And Astrology November 9th 2018

They need time to deal with their personal emotional world to be truly open for the person standing in front of them and to avoid unhealthy ties and emotional dependencies of them or their partner. As they separate from their primal family and relationships that shaped their beliefs, they will be pushed by their circumstances to turn to spiritual growth and work on the Self needed to open their heart for close and intimate relationships they actually need. They are artistic, see the bigger picture, and excel in areas of work that require a childish initiative and various approaches rolled into one.

Inspiring and pulled by a strong cause, some will turn to medicine, research, psychology, and any expertise that allows them to help others. They heal the world in ways that might seem small at first, until they recognize their true potential and start building on their inner core and their foundation of personality.

Green prehnite is a very good choice of stone for Scorpios born on the 9th of November. Apart from enhancing precognition and boosting their inner state of faith, it is also a stone that helps the flow between the solar and the heart chakras, helping one manifest and live life from a heart based perspective. It shows them how their inner fragile tones and sensitivities are to be treated and teaches them how to respect their own emotional world in all its subtle shades and colors.

The choice of gift for someone born on November 9th should come from the world of art, of the ocean and fantasy. Focusing on finances and building projects may come into focus when we're influenced by Scorpio and Capricorn. Go with the flow and enjoy the adventure and growth that promises to reward us with new perspectives and expanded horizons. Work with an attitude of reverence for our lands, adopt a balanced stance, embrace inner transformation, explore your true feelings, be willing to make rapid shifts and look to our shared human history for lessons.

This is a telling sign that you have a major transformation developing. Unhindered growth is represented by this runic energy.

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That starts in the now, the present is where the work is done. Today consider how far your come, celebrate your successes. Pisces, you have GEBO as your weekend rune bringing with it some manner of blessing. When this rune appears for you, look for the gifts your life is offering you. This rune is of significance to those things and ideas you inherit.

OTHEL energy asks you to consider the perspectives you may hold on to because you feel they've "always" been there. When you cling to old ways out of comfort you likely miss opportunities to grow in ways that will bring you new joys and happiness. OTHEL can also represent monies coming in.

Sometimes, it may be through inheritance or parental figures. The energy of JERA is somewhat like the Tarot Wheel of Fortune card in that it symbolizes the cycles embedded as the natural order of things. JERA teaches energy is always cycling, there is a flow to all things.

November 9 Birthday Horoscope 2018-12222

If you have been waiting for your luck to change for the better, the time may be upon you. Look to where opportunities for growth are being offered to you. The new position you may find yourself in is likely to be a very positive one as JERA is a rune of rewards for patience. This rune is connected to the art of divination, a casting of lots and fate. In this energy, you can experience a clear pathway to the truths in your intuitions. When working with this energy you may find you feel more balanced in your perspective to the things in your life you don't yet have answers too. This rune often offers joy and wonderful fortune.

Will A Virgo Woman Come Back

When you see WUNJO appear in a reading, there may be something in your life that is bringing you a sense of happiness and serenity. When working with WUNJO energy focusing on what is present right now in your life that brings you joy will be of benefit to you. Hold on to positive feelings as long as you can, this will assist you in manifesting more of the same. KENAZ is a rune of creative inspiration. A beacon of hope is also represented by this energy. When working with KENAZ look around you and within for those things, thoughts and feelings that incite in your a passion to try something new.

If you have been challenged of late to gain a positive perspective, EHWAZ offers support to free yourself.


EHWAZ is a rune to assist in calming inner tension and restlessness. When EHWAZ appears there can even be shifts such as proposals, moving your residence or changing to a job that offers more satisfaction and reward. Capricorn, your weekend rune is ING. This is a lovely indication that you may be able to truly enjoy your home environment.

Perhaps family will be of particular focus at this time.